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Cyber Security for Executive Management Live Online Training Course

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This 3-hour cyber security awareness course covers your legal, regulatory and contractual responsibilities. You will learn about the most common cyber security threats organisations face today, and explore real-life examples of the impact breaches can have on organisations. Discover how to prevent breaches and keep your organisation safe and secure.

Who should attend this course?
Anyone involved in the management of an organisation who wishes to understand their legal, contractual and regulatory responsibilities for cyber security. You will also gain a deeper understanding of the threats facing your organisation.


he Cyber Security for Executive Management live online training course outline
All organisations use an IT infrastructurerely on the Internet. New technologies are being developed every day, but with these opportunities come a wide range of threats. Managers and business directors need to get on board and understand how to mitigate cyber security threats to ensure their organisationsí safety.
This cyber security awareness course covers the threats organisations face, as well as their legal and contractual obligations. You will learn about different types of malware and social engineering, and the risks associated with remote working, mobile devices, supply chains and social media. .

The benefits of the Cyber Security for Executive Management live online training course
  • Ideal for exThe benefits of the Cyber Security for Executive Management live online training course
  • Ideal for executivessenior managers.
  • Three hours long, with a half-hour Q&A with an experienced cyber security consultant.
  • * Live Online training:
  • * All the interactive benefits of classroom training wherever you are.
  • * All you need to get started is a computer and an Internet connection.
  • * Save the time of unnecessary travelperiods away from work.
  • * Save money with no travelaccommodation costs. -
  • * Interactive instruction delivered by a subject expert.ecutivessenior managers.




Whatís included in this course?
  • Full course materials (digital copy provided as a PDF file).
  • A certificate of attendance.


What does the Cyber Security for Executive Management live online training course cover?

  • What cyber and information security are, and how they differ from one another.
  • The threat landscapes and potential impacts.
  • Your legal, regulatory and contractual obligations.
  • Remote working and the associated risks.
  • The different types of malware, including DDoS (distributed denial of service), ransomware, cryptojacking and zero-day infections, and how these
  • affect the operation of your organisation.
  • Humans and social engineering, and what you can do to stop your staff being your biggest threat.
  • Mobile devices, social media and safe browsing.
  • Cloud security.
  • Supply chain security.
  • Secure software development.
  • How you (as a senior leader) can make a difference to your organisationís cyber security.

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