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UX Design (English)

Beroepsbeeld: waar werk je en wat doe je?

Entice your target audience with amazing user experience.

Every day, your customers are distracted by hundreds of ads, apps, websites, emails and notifications. Keeping their attention is harder than ever, and will only get harder. It is essential to create products and services with the best user experience (UX) possible. Companies like Coolblue, Apple and Facebook have already mastered the skill: getting ? and keeping ? the attention of their visitors. In this two-day course, you will learn which design elements can influence your visitors? behaviour. These skills will not only improve your business? success, but are also valuable for your current and future career.

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Wat kun je na het volgen van de Training UX Design (English)

  • Know the different persuasion techniques, and how to entice visitors into action.
  • Know useful SEO tricks and how you can implement findability in your UX strategy.
  • Know how to clearly structure online content and understand how this will influence conversion.
  • Be able to write a plan for a strong UX strategy.


Programma van de training UX Design (English)

Day 1
Course 1

  • Introduction to UX Design
  • Finding the UX opportunities in apps and websites
  • Design Thinking
  • User-centered Design
  • Usability
  • Testing
  • Creating a strategic plan

Course 2

  • UX Research
  • Setting goals
  • Analysing your target group
  • The four global user types
  • Making personas
  • Using Search Engine Optimisation for your structure
  • Developing your own plan

Day 2
Course 3

  • Card sorting
  • The power of gamification
  • Triggers and variable rewards
  • Using context: location, date and time
  • Important persuasion techniques
  • The customer journey
  • The process from A to Z
  • Important dos and don?ts

Course 4

  • Writing your concept and strategy



2 dag


EUR 1125.00


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