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CommerciŽle Economie - Foundation Sales (Business Training B2B -The Hague)

Beroepsbeeld: waar werk je en wat doe je?

The successful sale of products or services is key to any business organisation since the revenue generated will have a direct impact on profitability. The growth of e-commerce, the ease of access to data and information coupled with increased globalisation, means an organisation needs to have greater management control of the sales process to enhance customer loyalty and retention and maintain the reputation of their brand.
In this training, you will gain a comprehensive overview of the sales process from initial contact to completion, and of the importance of ethical sales practices. You will learn how to prepare for a professional sale and explore the immediate post-sales procedures including how the sales order process is monitored, and the development of an accurate quotation. Through practical activities, you will develop the skills and abilities needed to be successful in the sales process.


A Understand the preparation and professional practices required in the sales process
A1 Preparing for the sales process
A2 Professional contact with customers
A3 Ethical sales practices
B Explore the principles and procedures involved in completing successful selling
B1 Post-acquisition meeting processes
B2 Completing a quotation
B3 Post-sales monitoring and issues
B4 Limits of authority
C Review the effectiveness of techniques used to carry out sales activities
C1 Sales techniques and management
C2 Measures of success
C3 Reviewing personal sales performance




Contact hours
  • Tuesdays: 6 lecture days of 6 lecture hours per lecture day + 3 hours for exams comes to a total of 39 contact hours.

Tuition and Literature

Kronenburgh tuition fee Ä 930.00
Study store literature Ä 100.00
Total Ä 1.030.00

Invoicing goes through Studystore.

It is possible that the bibliography is adjusted and therefore prices change or that additional material costs are charged.

You bring your own laptop with the OfficeSuite (Word, PowerPoint and Excel).

Nice bonus
  • No registration costs;
  • No VAT on tuition fees;
  • No arrangement costs;
  • No reproduction rights fees.

Does the government support?
The training costs that you incur in 2021 are tax deductible via the income declaration (see tax page).

In 2022 there will be a new arrangement: See tax page.

You can then apply for up to 1000 euros per year via the UWV. An annual total budget of 218 million euros is available for the scheme, divided over 6 application periods. On = gone, so be there on time from 2022!

An employer can set off employee training costs for tax purposes.

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The certificates obtained give an exemption within the Vocational programme Commercieel Medewerker KBC3 and the programme Commercieel Medewerker MBO3.

De behaalde certificaten geven een vrijstelling binnen de Beroepsopleiding Junior Accountmanager KBC4 en de opleiding Junior Accountmanager MBO4.

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