Leading with Obeya

Leading with Obeya | Foundation E-Training (English, also available in Dutch)

Algemene informatie over de cursus

Learn all the key aspects to successfully use the Leading with Obeya method, but at your own pace and at a reduced rate. This is the e-Training version of our popular LWO Foundation training

Online versus live training?

This Obeya e-Training is the online version of our two-day live Obeya Foundation training. With the e-Training of ‘Leading with Obeya Foundation’ you can learn the method at your own pace and easily access previous learning modules. It is also a really easy way to jump in when a team is already applying the Obeya method.  Would you rather follow the full on-site training in Almere, The Netherlands? Please contact us. 

Inhoud van de cursus

Obeya is an effective way to collaborate with your team. It is a visual method that uses a room to help you and your team arrive at better decisions and actions. This online leadership training course gives you the right tools to translate the team’s strategic plans into something that you can use to achieve short-term results. You will gain insight into the principles behind the Obeya method, learn where the method comes from, and how to apply it.

Who is the LWO Foundation e-Training for?

The training course is for anyone who is interested in working with Obeya and prefer to learn at their own pacefor those on a limited training budget. You will learn the fundamental aspects of using Obeya. Managers, people in support positions, self-managing teams, coaches, and facilitators can all benefit from this course. It is an easy way to jump in when a team is already applying the Obeya method.

What will you learn?

Our e-Training offers an interactive experience in which you learn in theory and reflect on practice.

✔ Where Obeya comes from and how it relates to Lean and Agile working
✔ Understanding the essence of leadership, why it is difficult, and how Obeya helps
✔ We will explore the visual parts of Obeya
✔ You can see and practice with an example of a virtual Obeya
✔ How the LWO reference model works and how you can apply it yourself in your own environment
✔ What the process of starting with Obeya looks like

What is included in this digital leadership course?

You will also gain access to various materials which you can immediately put into practice. This course gives you between 8 and 16 hours of material, exercises, and reading pleasure. This course will lay the same foundation as our two-day live Obeya Fundamentals training. You will receive the following:

✔ Direct access to all e-learning modules
✔ The book ‘Leading with Obeya’
✔ An Obeya starter pack for creating the physical Obeya space
✔ Exclusive online access to digital Obeya templates and materials
✔ The Reference Map of the Leading with Obeya Model
✔ A 2-hour live session with the trainer
✔ The Leading with Obeya Foundation certificate (if successfully completed)

Duur van de cursus

8-16 uur


Learn more? See http://www.leadingwithobeya.com

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