NT2 training

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NT2 courses lay their focus on people who don’t speak Dutch as their native language. By means of these courses, people can obtain a certificate or diploma.The focus with the NT2 programm is to learn and master the Dutch language so that afterwards the participants will have a good start when it comes to finding a job or a study. NT2 offers two courses. NT2 I and NT2 II.

NT2 I consists of four portions. Reading, listening, speaking and writing will be improved. It is possible to obtain certificates for certain parts before getting a diploma. When you pass for it’s four portions you will get a diploma.

NT2 II also consists of four portions. It will be similair to the course of NT2 I but there is a difference when it comes to the course. NT2 II is suitable for people who want a middle- to higher class job or people who want to follow a study on a higher level.